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Mould Removal

Our process for getting rid of mould and cleaning the air is about first removing the cause of the mould. Then, we use advanced tools to remove mould spores and other harmful particles from the air inside your home. We focus on getting rid of the source of the problem first, and then we clean up using safe, non-toxic products.

This way of cleaning follows the IICRC S520 Standards, which are essential guidelines for mould removal & remediation.
We are moving away from using strong chemicals and scents. Instead, we are focusing more on completely removing the source of mould. Our air cleaning product is environmentally friendly and has no scent, so it is safe for everyone, even people sensitive to chemicals.

Our product is a water-based mist that follows unique methods and formulas to remove germs from your home. It catches microscopic particles, like mould, bacteria, and toxins, and makes them heavy so they fall from the air onto flat surfaces. Once the air is clean, we clean these surfaces to remove the leftover residue and harmful particles. This way, the nasty particles are no longer in the air you breathe and are physically removed from your home.

Other methods, called ‘Fogging,’ try to catch particles using mixtures that evaporate fast and kill or damage cells. However, this can make the particles go back into the air, which can cause problems for people living there. Some of these methods claim to kill 99% of mould and promise it will not return. However, killing mould can sometimes make it break into smaller, more dangerous pieces.